Mission Command Seminar

This course focuses on learning HOW to think as opposed to telling students WHAT to think. The principles of mission command dramatically improve adaptability, creativity, judgement and critical thinking under pressure. Mission command also improves organizational effectiveness by teaching leaders to trust subordinates and empower them to act creatively on their own initiative. The Mission Command Seminar is taught by world renowned military/leadership instructor Don Vandergriff. Don has used this combat-proven curriculum to teach hundreds of U.S. military units, allied military units and law enforcement departments around the world including the U.S. Army Special Forces Qualification Course and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The course is based on the widely accepted models of ALM (Adaptive Leadership Methodology) and OBT&E (Outcomes Based Training and Education), both of which Don helped to formulate along with the U.S. Army’s Assymetric Warfare Group (AWG). The course relies heavily on wargaming, tactical decision games and critical thinking exercises.