Self-Defense and Improvised Weapons

The OmniWarrior approach to self-defense focuses on improving the chances of survival in a real, life-and-death encounter in the shortest possible time. This calls for initially focusing on mastering simple, versatile and proven techniques and repeatedly practicing those techniques until they become second-nature and can be executed without conscious thought. If this level of speed and mastery is not achieved, it will be impossible to execute the technique in a real fight, given the speed and brutality of real combat. Once students master basic movements and techniques, they will proceed to more advanced techniques and explore technique variations in order to improve versatility in combat. Improvised weapons are a major focus of the course, given that it is always preferable to find and use an improvised weapon if possible. Topics covered in the course include…

  • Basic strikes including forearm, fist, hand, elbow, knee and kicks
  • Joint manipulation
  • Throws
  • Grappling and ground-fighting
  • Control techniques
  • Escape from holds
  • Knife defense
  • Weapon retention/takeaway
  • Firearms integration