Single-Person Close Quarters Battle

This course is based on Single Person Close Quarters Battle curriculum developed by Special Tactics LLC. The Special Tactics Single Person CQB manual serves as a textbook for this course and the associated online multimedia learning content provides supplemental study materials. The following course description is adapted from the Special Tactics curriculum:

Military units and SWAT teams that specialize in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) typically bring a large force to the fight and often have numerous supporting assets such as snipers, helicopters and tactical vehicles. Thus, the scenario of a single Soldier or SWAT officer having to operate alone is relatively unlikely and often receives less attention. However, for ordinary citizens in a home-defense scenario or for police officers responding to an emergency call, the chances of having to operate alone are quite likely. In these types of situations, backup is frequently unavailable or will not arrive in time. The citizens and officers who are forced to operate on their own face potentially the greatest risk, yet there are almost no tactical references (books, videos or classes) that provide useful information on the subject of single-person tactics.

This course aims to help fill the dangerous capability and knowledge gap in the area of single-person tactics. This manual can provide citizens and officers with critical, life-saving tactical knowledge that will give them a marked advantage in an emergency situation. The course covers a wide range of tactical subjects including…

  • Clearing without entry
  • Shallow entry (limited penetration)
  • Deep entry
  • Hallways
  • Intersections
  • Stairwells
  • Multiple rooms

The course also provides specific suggestions on how to prepare for and deal with likely tactical scenarios including home invasion, deadly attackers (active shooter), sniper attacks, armed robbery and hostage situations.