Two-Person Close Quarters Battle

This course is based on the Two Person Close Quarters Tactics curriculum developed by Special Tactics LLC. The Special Tactics Two Person CQT manual serves as a textbook for this course and the associated online multimedia learning content provides supplemental study materials. The following course description is adapted from the Special Tactics curriculum:

Given the rising frequency of deadly attacks and terrorist incidents, it is not unlikely that armed citizens and security professionals will find themselves in situations where they need to defend themselves with the help of a partner. There are many cases where several members of a family are licensed to carry weapons. It can be very dangerous for two people to attempt to fight together as a team if they are not trained to do so and if they have not practiced and rehearsed beforehand.

This course can provide citizens and security professionals with critical, life-saving tactical knowledge that will give them a marked advantage in an emergency situation. The course covers a wide range of tactical subjects including…

  • Clearing without entry
  • Delayed (deliberate) entry
  • Hallways
  • L-Shape, T-Shape and X-Shape Intersections
  • Stairwells
  • Multiple rooms
  • Clearing behind obstacles
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Exterior movement

The manual also provides specific suggestions on how to prepare for and deal with likely tactical scenarios including home invasion and deadly attackers (active shooter).