• 2,000+ square foot shoot-house with real-time reconfigurable walls, offering millions of potential room/hallway configurations that can be modified in seconds.
  • Support for center-fed, corner-fed, multiple room, L-intersection, T-intersection, X-intersection, opposing doors, windows, and other complex configurations.
  • Support for Simmunition, UTM, pellet, Airsoft, and dry fire training.
    Revolutionary target options including full-body targets, animated targets, projection targets and moving targets.
  • Professional surround sound allows realistic simulation of combat noise for increasing stress.
  • The facility can provide low-light and no-light training scenarios.


  • Advanced and highly-versatile functional training equipment configured for combat performance enhancement
  • Support for free-weights, structural movements, unbalanced load training, cross training, Olympic lift, isometric training, plyometrics and kettlebells.
  • Versatile equipment can be reconfigured for over 100 exercises including squat, deadlift, leg extension, leg curl, hip adduction, hip abduction, cable fly, woodchoppers, bench press, unilateral row and more.


  • Professional quality 2-inch Zebraâ„¢ MMA matts for heavy grappling and throwing training.
  • Innovative and realistic striking targets including Body Opponent Bag (BOB), Century Versys Fight Simulator and humanoid heavy bags for simulating multiple opponents, improvised weapons, ground-fighting and firearm integration.
  • Wide selection of modern and traditional weapons including blue (rubber) guns, ASP baton, knife, short stick, long stick and sword (bokken/shinai)


  • Member access to professional kitchen/nutrition center with pressure cooker, slow cooker, grill and blender for preparing performance enhancing meals.
  • Advanced therapy and recovery assets including massage table, myofascial release therapy, electric stimulation therapy, biofeedback, hot/cold therapy and topical analgesic.


  • Computer room for realistic, multiplayer tactical/combat simulation and training for CQB, infantry, law-enforcement, armor, aviation and combined arms combat.
  • Over 50 realistic combat simulations preloaded including DCS, ARMA 3, Combat Missions and SWAT 4.
  • Oculus Virtual Reality support for combat simulations with full 360-degree headset simulation.
  • Realistic combat flight simulator modeled after the A-10 Thunderbolt II including HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) configuration with rudder pedals, Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) and TrackIR head tracking technology.


  • Professional projector, sound system and 16-foot screen for presentations and classes.
  • Reconfigurable training tables on wheels that can be instantly adjusted for classroom, seminar, discussion and meeting configurations.


  • Desks, tables and seating area for private study, discussion, meals and relaxation
  • Commercial, high-speed internet, cable and streaming movie/video service
  • Tactical professional’s library updated weekly